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ZACAH Board Members

ZACAH Board Members make it an amazing organization. All our board members are passionate, dedicated volunteers who spend of their time, resources and effort to make our community a better place. With the guidance of Allah SWT and our volunteers, we commit to meeting families with dignity, kindness and respect.

Board Members:

  • Bilal Murad, MD: President

  • Brooke Chaudhary, NP: Secretary

  • Krista Siddiqui: Co-Founder & Director of Communications

  • Naheed Murad, MD: Co-Founder & Treasurer

  • Noreen Sheikh: Director of Transitional Housing

  • Lubna Miyanoorwala

  • Irshad Jafri, MD. Co-Founder

  • Moeen Masood, MD

Mental Health Counselor:

  • Farooqa Jafri, MD  

ZACAH Unhoused Outreach Team:

  • Yusra Murad

  • Samantha Pree-Gonzalez

  • Michelle Warneke

  • Nolan Ferlic

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