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Advocacy and Media 

Effective change comes from bringing together ideas and people passionate to bring change. We believe no one should be unhoused. This work should not even be necessary if everyone is housed. 


During the pandemic and working with the unhoused population, ZACAH had the privilege of making numerous appearances in media, including various forums, public events, news articles and interviews to talk about the challenges being faced by the unhoused, the obstacles and challenges faced in finding a sustainable, permanent solution and ZACAH's work in making an impact on their lives. We are indebted to the support and passion of so many volunteers and our unhoused brothers and sisters who have tirelessly invested thousands of hours during a pandemic to serve those in greatest need.

ZACAH is also grateful for the support and leadership of Minnesota House Representative Aisha Gomez.


Here are some of the outreach advocacy efforts made by ZACAH since the pandemic started.


  1. Stop Violent Evictions in Minneapolis Parks Press Conference

  2. ACLU Minnesota & Mid Minnesota Legal Aid Lawsuit to prevent sweeping encampments


Feb 16, 2021: NPR: Interview with Yusra Murad-All Things Considered


  1. ACLU Minnesota & Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Lawsuit to prevent sweeping encampments

  2. Star Tribune Articles

Twitter Feeds

  1. Aug 2020: Bulldozers evict Powderhorn Part residents

  2. Aug 2020: Stop sweeping encampments: Press conference




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