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Fatima's Story

Fatima e.jpg

What is your name?

Where did you grow up?

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (Interests, hobbies, favorite food..)
Well. When I’m happy I like everything. When I’m sad I don’t like anything.

Who/what inspires you?
When I was in Afghanistan people didn’t treat me as if I was their own. It made me feel very alone, very much in my own state. Everyone was thinking of themselves. They didn’t really think about helping. But now that I am in a country that is not even my own. I’m in America. I feel there are so many people here trying to help me. And it is both painful and also very inspiring.

What is something that makes you happy?
Seeing goodness from people. That is something that really brightens my day.

What brought you to the situation you’re currently in?
I went to [the embassy] because I didn’t have anything and my life was in danger. So I came to America and found myself stuck in the process of  trying to find a home and trying to find a means to live. And then through the Lord I found ZACAH.

What difficulties have you experienced in trying to get out of your situation?
I was in a tough spot because I was struggling to find housing. When you first come to the country they give  you some provisions and try to help you for a little bit and then you are on your own. It was really hard for me because I wanted to be on my own two feet, but at the same time I was new here.

How did you come to know about ZACAH?
Through friends and through contacts I found out about ZACAH and that’s how the process got started.

What’s your experience with ZACAH?
With ZACAH, when I was in their housing unit they were really gracious even though I was a stranger to them. They took care of me. When I had doctor’s appointments they took me, when I needed to go to school to learn English they took me, and I was never really without anything. Now that I’m on my own it has been harder because I have to do everything by myself, so I’ve been struggling with that.

What do you want other people to know about you?
It’s been really hard for me because I am away from my children. It’s this pain in my heart that I have that has been somewhat alleviated by ZACAH, but I am still across the world from my children and I don’t have control over what happens to them or even know about them a lot of the time. It has been nice to have a community here that I can depend on when I really need something.

The one wish that I have is to be able to see my children again. My daughter is very sick.

Who is your community here?
I know one family, a few other people, and the people from ZACAH. I want to say thank you every single person that has helped me and thank you for being nothing but good to me.

What has been the most helpful thing that people have done for you?
The little things. The little things people do. Like when people spend money for my children that touches my heart because it is so kind and pure for other people to do that for my children, who are so important to me.

Right now, being able to share my story alleviates a lot of my pain. It is so important to me. ZACAH has been amazing. To get people to help ZACAH to help more people like me is all I can ask for.

The world would be a better place if _____.

Everyone was closer together and lent a helping hand to each other and were brothers and sisters. And that would brighten up a lot of things in this world.

My goal is to not have to rely on other people and to be on my own two feet. My wish is to be able to see my children again.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity. This interview was conducted with the help of a translator.


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