ZACAH Hotel Program 

Due to the increased need, our program application is closed. If you have already applied by Jan 13, 2021, you are on the waitlist. We will contact you with updates. You can find a resource list here.

Rental & Financial Assistance

If you are seeking rental assistance and do not qualify for emergency assistance through your county, or are seeking other forms of emergency financial assistance, please complete the application form by clicking here. Due to the volume of applications during COVID-19, ZACAH is prioritizing applicants who are facing the immediate threat of eviction.

If you are a county worker, social worker, donor or advocate and want to reach out to us for questions or information, you can write, call or email us at:
  PO Box 21231
     Eagan, MN 55121


For General Inquiries

PO Box 21231

Eagan MN 55121

For questions about rental/financial assistance: 651-456-8891

For questions related to homeless outreach:

612-548-4233 or 612-361-9976

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