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Rental & Financial Assistance

*Jan 23, 2022 update*

Our application is currently closed. If you have a pending application, please know that we maintain our commitment to screen each and every request thoughtfully and with the time and attention it deserves. We hope to re-open our application as soon as possible, and within 2-3 weeks.

We're glad you found ZACAH. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization; there are seven members of our team, and our applications have more than quadrupled since the beginning of COVID. We are not a means-tested program, meaning we do not screen out any applicants based on income level or proof of employment.


Our rental and financial assistance is 100% grassroots-funded, and we do not have any corporate donors or grant funding. To maintain our funding, our donations are preserved for families who have nearly nowhere else to turn. We ask that all our applicants who are eligible for emergency assistance through their county make use of these government funds before applying to ZACAH. 

We are doing our best to keep up with the volume of applications, but at present, we are prioritizing applicants from households at immediate risk of eviction. If you are applying for help with past-due rent but have not received an eviction notice, PLEASE EXPECT UP TO THREE WEEKS TO HEAR BACK.


If you are facing the immediate threat of eviction and have been denied emergency assistance, to expedite processing time, please upload
1) notice of eviction
2) a copy of your denial letter from emergency assistance

If you are facing the immediate threat of eviction and are not eligible for emergency assistance, to expedite processing time, please upload
1) notice of eviction
2) an explanation on why you are not eligible for emergency assistance

If you have been referred by a case worker, social worker or housing advocate, please include their contact information in the application. The application is available here.

If you are a county worker, social worker, donor or advocate, we would be exceedingly grateful if you could share our donation information with your network, as we are running low on funding. It is a privilege for us to work with & support our community members, and God willing, we want to ensure we can continue doing this work.

Contact info: Please note that both of these numbers go to volunteers. If your call is not answered, know that our volunteers are likely at work or school. If you are requesting an update on your application, we sincerely request that you please refrain from calling until three weeks since your application was submitted.

If you have submitted an application and would like to update your file: 651-456-8891 (call or text)

For general inquiries: 612-361-9976 (call or text)

For General Inquiries
Please do not use this field to request assistance; for that, we kindly request you use the application linked above. 

Thank you for submitting!

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