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Minneapolis Sanctuary Emergency Response: October 31 Update

As winter sets in, the situation grows increasingly desperate. Everyone deserves a warm, safe place to rest, sleep and live in dignity. The fact that our state cannot provide that to every Minnesotan is a deep failure at every level, not the least a profound moral failure.


Throughout this journey, one thing has been constant: the generosity of over 1,500 donors who, as of today, have donated $213,000 to house our unsheltered neighbors in hotels. Operating with 0% overhead through the sheer passion of its incredible volunteers, ZACAH has sponsored over 3,000 nights for over 600 residents at a cost of $184,000. 


But with 1,000 people still outside, following dozens of encampment sweeps, we are still in the midst of an emergency. There is only a limited number of residents ZACAH can serve. 


It's freezing outside. There is hardly any room in shelters, which are already overcrowded during a global pandemic. The fact that our unsheltered neighbors are reliant on emergency, rapid hotel stays provided by a grassroots organization is absurd, cruel and a moral and operational failure at multiple levels.


Our work continues. Please continue to donate, remember everyone in your prayers, and voice your concerns to your elected officials. Hold them accountable, demand they take leadership, and don't take "no" for an answer.


This is our State. These are our brothers and sisters.

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