ZACAH Emergency Financial Assistance Program

Despite being the richest country in the world with a GDP of over $1 trillion, there is a massive discrepancy in the distribution of wealth in USA. Since 1979, this gap in wealth disparity means that 95% of Americans own less today than they did in 1979. Only the top 5% are richer than before.


An average American lives paycheck-to-paycheck: 70% Americans have with less than $500 to deal with any unexpected emergency. Loss of work for a week from injury or illness, breakdown of a car, a medical bill or simply a necessary but unplanned household expense is enough to push an average family into debt, disconnection of utilities and risk of eviction. 


Our goal is to intervene in this cycle of financial distress which has far reaching consequences. Besides financial stress, it causes significant mental strain on individuals and families. We can help with emergency assistance for food, rent, utilities & other essential needs.

Rental Assistance

Our primary mission is to prevent homelessness by 1) making sure everyone in our community who is housed can stay housed, and 2) eliminating financial barriers to housing. Please apply for ZACAH aid if you are looking for help with your security deposit and first month of rent.

If you are behind on rent due to the pandemic, please start with applying for MN Rent Help. Below is a timeline for the eviction moratorium "off-ramp."  

  • September 12th: This is the earliest day tenants who are not eligible for rent assistance can be evicted.

  • October 12th: The eviction moratorium’s protections are lifted except for eligible rentals who have pending COVID-19 rental assistance applications.

  • June 1st, 2022: All protections are lifted.

  • Until June 1, 2022, renters with an outstanding rental assistance claim can not be evicted until after the application has been processed and funds distributed.

    • Note: you may have the opportunity to appeal your applications decision and/or reapply for RentHelpMN 30 days after the decision

If you are able to support us in our cause, please donate to ZACAH.