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Rental Assistance for Refugees

The state of Minnesota has welcomed over a thousand refugees from Afghanistan since the fall of 2021. The Qur'an is clear about the rights of refugees: The provision of assistance is obligatory to people who flee from injustice, intolerance, physical persecution, disease, or financial insecurity.


ZACAH is working in partnership with the Afghan Cultural Society, the Family Assisters Network, refugee resettlement agencies, community-based organizations and the state of Minnesota to resettle Afghan Refugees. Our role is the provision of rental assistance to eligible individuals and families who are spending more than 45% of their income on rent.  

If you or someone you know is seeking rental assistance, please FIRST reach out to CAPI Minnesota, which is providing wraparound case management services. CAPI-MN will refer eligible clients to ZACAH for rental assistance. 

If you are a county worker, social worker, donor or advocate and want to reach out to us for questions or information, you can write, call or email us at:
  PO Box 21231
     Eagan, MN 55121
   651-456-8891 or 612-361-9976


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