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ZACAH Transitional Home

In April 2017, ZACAH opened it's first transitional home in the Twin Cities. A 3-bedroom home in a quiet, safe neighborhood, it is located within walking distance from a commercial area with easy access to public transportation, affording our residents the ability to seek jobs, commute and regain independence.


Our home serves women who may be victims of domestic violence, are immigrants or homeless following eviction, or simply unable to financially maintain a home. ZACAH affords our sisters the ability to live without any cost for atleast 3 months, giving them the opportunity to resume the path of independent living. During this time, we connect them with social services, help them with job searches, enable them to enroll in ESL classes when needed, and may even be able to help find a donated car for them, when possible.


Our goal is to avoid repeat homelessness and establish financial independence in them, so that they can live with their children in peace, safety and with stability in their own homes.

ZACAH is continuing to work to establish additional transitional homes and low income housing to help our sisters in need. The need is significant


Please help us in our cause. Donate to ZACAH.

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